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Weight Loss Programs

We all desire better health and to improve our lifestyle. But many of us carry around that extra weight which can affect that lifestyle choice. We are all bombarded on a daily basis about diets and increase in obesity within Australia. Many of us have tried those diets and spent so much time and money, only to gain that weight back. Why not take this opportunity to change your life and start on that positive path of weight loss. I will enable you to loose that weight and keep it off for the rest of your life as long as you follow one of my programs.

My Standard 4 and Elite 6 are designed and tailor made to help you become slimmer, more active and healthier so you can enjoy your life the way you deserve. Most clients will lose 3 to 5 kilos per fortnight naturally all with the help of hypnotherapy, mindfulness and a structure to your new lifestyle.

The first question is…..Are you ready to change and commit to it? If so then either of these programs will enable you to make that change in your life.

Weight Loss Through Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a form of therapy that uses hypnosis, which is an altered state of consciousness, to help treat psychological or physical issues. Hypnosis is usually done with the help of a hypnotherapist using verbal repetition and mental imagery.

Goal of hypnotherapy is to change your thoughts, feelings, or behavior. It is said to be a way to tap into your subconscious mind to find the root cause of your issues. Some people turn to hypnotherapy to help with weight loss, as it can change the way you think about food and your relationship with eating.

How it works.

During hypnosis, you are in a state of deep relaxation. Your hypnotherapist will guide you into this state by talking to you in a calm and soothing voice. You may be asked to focus on certain images or sensations. For example, you may imagine yourself thinner and healthier. As you relax, your hypnotherapist will make suggestions to you about changing your eating habits and how you think about food. These suggestions are meant to help you lose weight in a healthy way.

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Benefits of Hypnotherapy

There are many potential benefits of hypnotherapy for weight loss. 

1. Change the way you think about food and eating

Hypnotherapy can help you change your relationship with food. It can help you see food as nourishment instead of something to be feared or avoided. It can also help you become more aware of your eating habits and make changes to improve your health.

2. Create new, healthy habits

With hypnotherapy, you can create new, healthier habits around food and eating. For example, you may learn to eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full. You may also learn to cook healthy meals and make time for regular exercise.

3. Manage stress and emotional eating

Hypnotherapy can help you manage stress and emotional eating. It can teach you how to cope with stress in a healthy way, such as by taking breaks, talking to friends or family, or practicing relaxation techniques. It can also help you identify and change the thoughts and behaviors that lead to emotional eating.

4. Improve your self-esteem

Another benefit of hypnotherapy is that it can help improve your self-esteem. This may be because you are making healthy changes to your lifestyle and seeing results. As your self-esteem improves, you may find it easier to stick to your healthy habits.

5. Lose weight in a healthy way

Hypnotherapy can help you lose weight in a healthy way. It can help you make changes to your eating habits and create new, healthier habits. It can also help you manage stress and emotional eating.

There are few risks associated with hypnotherapy. But it is important to work with a qualified and experienced hypnotherapist to minimize the risks. Make sure to tell your hypnotherapist about any medical conditions you have and any medications you are taking.

It is also important to remember that hypnotherapy is not a quick fix. It takes time and effort to see results. Be patient and consistent with your sessions to see the best results.

Virtual Gastric Banding 

Designed in Europe, through hypnosis we attach a virtual gastric band to your stomach to help you reduce your intake of food. This is without any surgery, dieting, special pills etc. Program includes a support CD, help and support. Long lasting with excellent results and is generally a 4 session weight loss program.

Classic Weight Loss Program

Includes 4 sessions of a total of 4.5 hours of Hypnotherapy – Also includes mindfulness techniques and habit changing Neuro Linguistic Programming.