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Blue Sky Hypnotherapy provides expert information FREE. Read our testimonials to see why you should too. Rid yourself of phobias, lose weight, quit smoking or quit alcohol now! 


I am happy to give this testimonial as their hypnotherapy services worked for me to finally give up those fags I  succeeded and I feel great not to mention the money I save each week 

Lesley – Quit Smoking Program


My Program of Hypnotherapy consisted of 4 sessions over 6 weeks​ and during that time I lost 8 kg’s with a minimum of effort and I know my weight loss will continue.  All you really need is a positive attitude and trust in the benefits of hypnosis.

Peter – weight loss program


I got information from blue sky because of my fear of heights.  Being a single lady this presented difficulties when travelling by myself. I can now comfortably cross the overhead footbridge to the railway station, and I’m looking forward to tackling the Sky Tower and tree walks when I go on tours.

Denise – Anxiety and phobia’s


Hypnotherapy sessions helped me deal with some historical issues along with present factors. I now have some skills to help me cope with the present factors.



We tried everything from horrid tasting liquids to habit breaker braces and everything in between. Reading the information on Blue Sky Hypnotherapy about hypnosis for children allowed me to seek help from an expert hypnotherapist.  Our results were remarkable. No tantrums, no crying and no sucking! Unbelievable it has been so stress free for the whole family and my daughter is so proud of herself.  I recommend Blue Sky Hypnotherapy as your first option! 

Chika – Child Empowerment

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What a great result!
After 25 years of trying all kinds of diets ( Light & Easy, WW. and many More.) none of which had any good results.. Hypnotherapy works and works unbelievable well. The first visit my weight was 74 KG and I was a size 16. I now weight 56Kg and now buy size 8. The system Steve uses makes your eating habits change for good and cravings for your favorite foods ( mine was Bread) none existent any more. It is not a diet but a life style change. I would recommend blue sky therapy wholeheartedly I will always be grateful for it. 

Patricia – Weight loss


Since my last hypnotherapy appointment I lost 4 kgs, so I’m very happy. A big thank you to bluesky for helping me locate a hypnotherapist to work through all my issues. I feel like a different person since coming to you.

Candice – Weight loss


I want to thank you for your support, professional advice and information, which has been a tremendous help for me over the past couple of months. I applaud your caring nature and ‘down to earth’ approach and I feel privileged to have benefited from the information that resulted in my sessions.